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The Clarkson Historical Society
Located on Ridge Road near the four corners

Clarkson is the only town in Monroe County with a restored
Two story, brick, Greek Revival Academy building, built 1853.
Restored in 10 years by the CHS 2003-2013

A First for the Clarkson Academy—Schoolhouse #2

On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, for the first time in 57 years, Brockport school children were back at their desks upstairs at the Academy building practicing their cursive, while another group was in the “library” reading aloud with their CHS teacher. There was a second class on Oct. 24th, and we will have nine more classes visiting, with the last two on November 13th. A total of over 220 children visited in all. When they arrived, the old school bell rang as they got off the bus, and just before they left one child from each of the two classes got the honor of ringing the bell for the other children. And what interested, enthusiastic and well behaved schoolchildren they were! It was a delight to have them see our wonderful old Academy building, and they seemed to really enjoy their time with us, so we couldn’t be happier.

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Town Historian Leanna Hale with students arriving at the School Ms. Drisdom’s class looking at the outside of the Academy building
A quotation on the blackboard that the children practiced writing in cursive Reading group from Mrs. Johnson’s class
Students from Mr. Albrecht’s class practice writing in cursive Mrs. Purcell’s class in the second floor classroom
Mr. Richardson’s students fold their hands on their desks as requested A student from Ms. Drisdom’s class ringing the bell
A student from Mr. Albrecht’s class ringing the bell Group photo, Mr. Richardson’s class
Group photo, Mrs. Johnson’s class Group photo, Mr. Fiorino’s class
Group photo, Ms. Drisdom’s class Group photo, Mrs. Shannon’s class
Group photo, Mrs. Stoker’s class Group photo, Mrs. Malone’s class
Group photo, Mrs. McCue’s class Group photo, Mr. Albrecht’s class
Group photo, Mrs. McCues second class And the school bus leaves the old Clarkson Schoolhouse

All meetings are open to the public, and we invite anyone interested in the rich history of our area to join us, or to become members of the organization.

President: Mary Edwards
Vice President: Bob Kruger
Treasurer: Michelle Spagnola
Recording Secretary: Leanna Hale

John Decker; Dave Goodwin; Karen McAllister; Kermit Mercer

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The Clarkson Historical Society
P.O. Box 600
Clarkson, NY 14430

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