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I have been searching for where my 4X grandfather, Chaffee Bowen Greene, I know he passed away in Clarkson 21 September 1848 and he was a Revolutionary soldier. If any one knows how I can find more information on him it would be great to hear from you and appreciated.
Teri Green(e)

"I bought a drawing of an old man about six years ago. I don't know why it took my eye but I have always liked it. I recently reframed it and on the back was written what looks like
Irene Pollard, 1842 Truscott Dr Clarkson 822 1826 Gift from artist I (or is it D) Pollard. I would love to know more about the subject of the drawing and the artist but so far no luck. Anyone out there help?"
Anne Jones
Lancashire, UK

"As I am presently planning a return trip to "my roots", I wanted to visit the town website in order to update myself and to request a tour of the restored Clarkson Schoolhouse and the Clarkson Church. I spent many hours and days in both as a boy growing up at 8309 Ridge Road, two doors east of both. I went to school in Clarkson from 1950-1955..." Read more...
Whit Clark
Ocean Isle Beach, NC
"Greeting my fellow Clarksonites! I too have lived in Clarkson for my whole life. It had been a most interesting journey just browsing through the town website. It contains a rather large amount of information for such a small town. Haha. The reason I originally found it though was to try to ask the town to fix up our tennis court. I sent it in to the suggestion box. Wish me luck! I'm sure we all would like for the town to be a better place to live."
Dan Pricola
Clarkson, NY
"My brother Bob, who has the last entry in the guestbook, emailed me that this site was available. As indicated in his log, we resided at 8418 Ridge Road West, just across from the Klienbach’s and the old NYS Police Barracks. I too am a graduate of Brockport High class of 68 and what is more interesting is that the Vicar of the local church my family attends also grew up in Clarkson and went to Brockport High, his name is Father David Lee Carlson. Just goes to show you how small the world really is..."
Patrick J. Clark
Port Jervis, NY
"Found my way to this site by accident, but I’m glad I did. Being a past resident of Clarkson (1950’s and 60’s) and a graduate of Brockport High School, it was nice to remember that part of my growing up. The town has changed so much over the years that I barely recognize it whenever I happen to drive through the area. Our house was at 8418 Ridge Road, just west of the Lake Road intersection. I need to send this website to my brother; I know he’ll be interested in it as well."
Bob Clark
Hilton Head Island, SC
"I am researching descendants of Anrew and Amanda Richards Shafer, Their daughters, Malinda and Artemisia were born 1835 and 1837, in Clarkson. A few years later the family moved to Coldwater, Michigan. When I research that period in Michigan, I find that many upstate New Yorkers migrated there starting about 1830. Is there a historical reason for that? It was like moving to Florida for warmth!"
Sue Sullivan
Salisbury, MD
"I am a descendent of Robert Parkinson, he is my GGGgrandfather. Robert was born in County Down, Ireland, & settled eventually in Clarkson, along with his sons, James Parkinson & John. James was a teacher in Clarkson, at the first school, I presume. James married Sarah Wellsley Brown, April 15, 1822. Sarah was the daughter of Polly Mead Brown, whose father was John Brown, of Mayflower stock. In Aug. 1822, James' brother, John died, & his father, Robert died in Sept. 1822. They are both supposed to be buried in Clarkson, I don't know what cemeteries were there back then. James was a Mason so I presume he belonged to the Masonic Lodge in Clarkson, back during the time he lived there. Soon after the father & brother died James & his wife, Sarah went to what was known as "the Land of Promise", the Talbot Settlement. James' two sisters, Mary Jane & Jane may have followed later, as they lived near James in Ontario. James taught at the first school that was opened in London Township, which is now know as Hyde Park. This would have been in 1824."
Janice Hubbard Dollinger
Acworth, GA

"I find it interesting to tour Clarkson. My great grandmother was born there. Her name was Dora Pratt nee Dean. I am always interested in family and friends who have since passed. She died in 1956 in Rochester. I know a story was written about her by a Mary Holmes of Batavia. Thanks, Mike."
Michael McNeely
Elizabethtown, KY

"I'm interested to know how the town of Clarkson got its name. My best friend is an Englishman called Adrian Clarkson and we are trying to establish if there is a connection between his name and the name of your town. Can anyone help?? Best regards, Janine Hopewell"
Janine Hopewell
Sittingbourne, Kent UK

"Aloha to all! I have no idea if I am related to the Clarkson's that founded your town. However, I am very proud of this name and what it stands for. I have lived all over the world and have settled in Hawaii because of how they treat all races. Though I do want you to know that I am a true Clarkson and revel in knowing about my heritage, so thank you for this site. Take care with much Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa for this site!! Michael Clarkson "
Michael Steven Clarkson
Aiea, HI USA

"My research of the EMERY (Samuel and Nancy) surname led me to Clarkson, NY and the Thompson surname. The daughter (Sarah A.) of Samuel and Nancy Emery married Cephas Thompson. I'm hoping to discover more about this line soon. Thank You."
Scottsville, NY USA

"In doing genealogical research on my great grandfather, Truman Q. Adams, I found your site. Truman lived in Clarkson in the late 1800s. If anybody has information to share about my g-grandpa I'd appreciate hearing it! Thanks."
Marian White
Albany, OR
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